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Once the 3rd largest town in Latah County, Bovill was a center of logging operations for the Potlatch sawmill. Due to the colorful nature of a logging community, the need for entertainment prompted the construction of the Opera House in 1911. For nearly five decades it provided a community gathering place for dancing, music, masquerade balls, traveling comedy troupes, and moving pictures. Originally the moving pictures were shown using power provided by a generator until electricity was retrofitted.

After fires in 1914 destroyed much of Bovill's downtown commercial district, the wood structure of the Opera House became a distinctive architectural reflection of the town's identity. Today the Bovill Improvement Group is planning the restoration of the Opera House to once again be the epicenter for arts and entertainment.


Bovill Opera House
Bovill, Latah County

  • Grant: 2013

Location: 412 2nd Avenue, Bovill, ID 83806


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