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The Community Library Association was given the Woodriver Journal photograph collection from Publisher Pedro Salom in 2004. The collection of staff photographs spans nearly a century from the early 1900s to 1998 and covers news and community events in the Wood River Valley.

The Regional History Department of the Community Library was established in 1982 as a research and resource center dedicated to preserve the history and promote understanding of the land and people of Idaho. The department has been collecting, preserving, interpreting, and making accessible the oral histories, documents, photographs, and other materials of the history of Idaho and Wood River Valley.

The Trust was asked to help support their efforts in restoring and preserving the WRJ photo collection.

Photos shown are from the Woodriver Journal Collection: 'Christmas Raffle at Harris Furniture' ca. 1940 and 'Kids skiing at Dollar Mountain' ca. 1965.

The Community Library, Woodriver Journal Photo Collection
Ketchum, Blaine County

  • Grant: 2012

Location: 415 Spruce Avenue North, Ketchum, ID 83340


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