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The Owyhee County Museum Complex located in Murphy has several historic structures adjacent to the Museum.  One of those structures is a “prove up” homestead cabin built by an Irish immigrant, James Ahern. 

Mr. Ahern immigrated to the United States in April 1873 and worked as a sheepherder and ranch hand near Bruneau for many years.  In June 1928, at age 75, he received a patent for 640 acres as a Stock Raising Homestead on Bates Creek, near Oreana. A stock-raising homestead was allowed in areas designated as not suitable to irrigate but could be used for raising stock. Certain improvements had to be made to obtain the patent. Mr. Ahern built the cabin using cottonwood logs from the Gilmore Ranch on Sinker Creek.  The cabin was donated and moved to the Owyhee County Museum Complex in the late 1960’s.

Owyhee County Museum
Murphy, Owyhee County

  • Grants: 2016

Location: 17085 Basey Street, Murphy, ID 83650



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