Ponderosa Log Round
Ponderosa Log Round Main Photo

Once designated by Governor Robert Smylie and the Universityof Idaho Department of Forestry as the largest and oldest Ponderosa Pine Tree grown in Idaho, the tree was inadvertently exposed to salt blocks and died. Frank Edwards of Donnelly and the Bureau of Reclamation arranged to have the tree cut into rounds and donated as educational exhibits. At the time it was more than 500 years old growing from the 15th to the 20th century and measured 95.1" in diameter, 126’ in height with a 91.2’ crown spread.  All of the tree’s history is recorded in its rings providing an understanding of its age and the years of fire, drought, or plague. The different rounds are located in Donnelly, Horseshoe Bend, Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise, and Germany.

Ponderos Tree - top
Ponderosa Tree - bottom

Ponderosa Log Round
Donnelly, Valley County

  • Grant: 2014

Location: 186 N Main Street, Donnelly, ID 83615


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