P&IN Railroad Depot, New Meadows

“Without the railroad coming to New Meadows and establishing this depot, New Meadows would not be here” says Anissa Qualls, Adams County Historical Society.


Learn about the history of New Meadows and the P&IN railroad and how with the help of the Idaho Heritage Trust, the restoration of the abandoned P&IN train depot brought new life to one of New Meadows great buildings.


4 thoughts on “P&IN Railroad Depot, New Meadows

  1. Thank you so much for producing this wonderful video about the P&IN Railway Depot in New Meadows, Idaho. It has been a long journey (since 1978) to get it to this stage and the Idaho Heritage Trust has been an enduring partner in the adventure from awarding grants, providing historic building restoration advice, and moral support. Thank you Katherine Kirk, Dave Butler and his video team and all those who contributed to the production of this piece. It kept me glued to the screen the entire time.

  2. The video is very well done! Informative and entertaining. A lot of history and human interest and I love the song it signs off with. Great to see the faces of our local friends. Thanks.

  3. Though the efforts ultimately failed, the PIN Railroad served an important function as a “farm-to-market” railroad until 1940, and then as a timber railroad for local timber outfits. In 1978, ACHS acquired the title to the PIN Depot to preserve it as a repository for the history of Adams County.

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