Oden Hall

In 1928, Mrs. John Lloyd suggested that the Oden community should have a central gathering point. She presented her idea to a recently formed group of local women, the Oden Busy Bees. Matt Schmidt donated the land for the building. Others donated lumber and construction materials. Volunteers provided the labor. Despite the Great Depression, Oden Hall was completed in 1931 and is still used as a community hall by many of the same families.

Here are some of their stories.

P&IN Railroad Depot, New Meadows

“Without the railroad coming to New Meadows and establishing this depot, New Meadows would not be here” says Anissa Qualls, Adams County Historical Society.

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Lewis & Clark’s Glade Creek Campsite

This video shares the story of the Idaho Heritage Trust purchasing the historic and pristine site from Plumb Creek Timber and gifting it to the State of Idaho in September 1998.

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