Grant Application

Application Deadline
The application must be postmarked on or before September 30.
All material must be reproducible on a standard copier. Faxed applications will not be accepted.

Please submit three copies of your application to:
The Idaho Heritage Trust
P.O. Box 140617
Boise, ID 83714

Technical Assistance
The Trust will provide architectural, photograph and artifact conservation assistance upon request. It’s a good idea to ask for help before you send an application to the Trust. Call the office at 208-549-1778 to make a request.

The application may be completed on a computer, typewritten or handwritten legibly. Please answer all the questions but most importantly tell us what work you are planning to complete and what you expect it to cost.

Cover Page
On the cover page please include:

  • Project title and address
  • Amount requested
  • Sponsoring organization and address
  • Contact name, title and telephone and/or e-mail address
  • Other person to contact with telephone and/or e-mail address
  • Signature
  • Date

Please answer the following questions. If you have any questions call the office, 208-549-1778 or e-mail

Your Project
1. Tell us about your site or collection. Where is it located and what is its history? Who owns the property or collection?
2. What do you plan to do? How do you plan to accomplish your plans? Be specific. For example if you’re going to replace historic materials with another product please tell us why. The Trust uses the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties to
evaluate grant applications. Learn more:
3. Is the building on the National Register of Historic Places?
4. Have you worked with the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office on any aspect of this project?
5. Why is it important to do this project now? What threats exist to the future of this historic building or collection of artifacts or photos? What will be lost if this project isn’t completed?
6. Have you received previous funding from the Trust? Has this grant been expended?
7. Please send photographs of your buildings. If you have close-ups of the problem please send those too.
8. Who is going to do the work? If you’re asking for help with plans and specifications, who is going to prepare those for you? If professional guidance has already been sought please give the name and telephone number of the architect, engineer, object or photo conservator. If you don’t yet have your helpers selected tell us that, too.
9. Is your organization a unit of government, a non-profit group, historical society, cemetery district, Masonic group, church group, etc.?
10. By agreement with the Idaho State Legislature all Trust grants must be matched by hard dollars. How are you going to raise these funds?
11. Will the building, collection, etc. be available for public viewing?

The Budget
The Trust can only reimburse up to 50% of the hard dollar cost of a project. Our funds may be used to match federal dollars. Please break your budget out in the following manner:

  • Contract labor (bid by roofer, architect’s fee, engineer’s fee)
  • Supplies and material (lumber, paint, shakes, foundation materials) and their estimated cost.
  • Acquisition: note if you are asking for funds to help purchase a site or building.
  • Other costs
  • Total cost of the project
  • Amount requested from the Trust
  • Other donations: please list expected donations and volunteer time. This helps the trustees evaluate the community commitment to the project.

Our Review Process
Each grant is reviewed by several preservation professionals prior to being reviewed by a local committee in your region of the state. The Trustees, however, make the final decisions regarding which projects are funded. Notification is made in late November or early December of each year.

Your Part

  • Each grant recipient agrees to provide the IHT with photographs of the completed work and, where appropriate, work in progress. These will not be returned and permission is granted to the Trust to reproduce and/or publish the photos in furtherance of its goals and objectives for historic preservation.
  • The grantee agrees to acknowledge the financial and technical support provided by the Idaho Heritage Trust in all written and/or verbal presentations.
  • The grant recipient agrees to display a plaque (when provided by the IHT), which will include the words: This preservation project supported by the Idaho Heritage Trust.
  • Please include the IHT logo on all flyers, posters, newsletter articles and printed programs. In addition, include in your publicity pieces and press releases the following acknowledgment of financial support: This project is made possible by a grant from the Idaho Heritage Trust, an endowment for the preservation of historic buildings, sites and artifacts.
  • In order to give our legislators and private contributors a sense of the local impact of our grants and to assure our continued ability to make grants such as this one, we are asking that all project directors and/or authorizing officials write a letter to their local legislators to express their gratitude for their continuing support of the Idaho Heritage Trust endowment.
  • Please be conscientious about giving credit to the Trust for its part in making your project possible.
Criteria for Project Selection
  • All work funded by the Idaho Heritage Trust must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Buildings, or in the case of archeological sites or collections, the applicable standards in the field.
  • Community support and participation.
  • Results in the preservation of historic fabric of Idaho, which means the Trustees prefer to award funds to projects that will result in the preservation of buildings and artifacts.
  • Significance of the project to the local community, state or national history and places on the National Register of Historic Places. The Trust also has a commitment to funding projects in towns of all sizes especially those with populations of fewer than 5,000.
  • The eminent decay, demolition or deterioration by neglect.
  • Lack of funding from other sources.
  • Long-term permanence of the project. Trustees prefer to fund groups that can commit to long-term maintenance of the building, artifact or site.
  • Public ownership. Grants are not normally made to sites owned by individuals or for-profits groups. Exceptions may be considered for an exceptionally important historic building. The Trust’s interests will be protected with conservation easements and covenants.
  • by easements and covenants.
  • The Trust prefers not to fund moving buildings to new locations.
  • The Trust doesn’t fund publications or video/film work, oral histories or applications for the National Register of Historic Places.

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